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Guess Who’s Bizzack?!



I Made Some Changes In My Life/Don’t Regret None Of Them/So If You Ain’t Heard From Me Then You’re Probably One Of Them/N*ggas Want Different Results But Do The Same Sh*t/They Wait For It To Come, I Became It/Guess Who’s Bizzack, N*gga? – Fabolous

Damn. Wow. Where to begin? It’s really been a minute since I’ve been on here. But, here I am. So much has happened in one year. I decided to try something different by moving to NYC and one year ago today I was officially living there. Previous to my move, I wanted different results from my life, but I was just doing the same sh*t…all day, everyday. The decision to move to NYC, changed my life. Being there, soaking up that energy – where things are constantly moving. People are on the move. People are InMotion (keep reading for explanation later). They’re really doin it out there! During the short 7 months that I lived there, I started to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. While working at SOB’s, I got my first taste of working in the live music industry. I truly lived on my own (another good song, because this is a music blog afterall…) which is so important to personal growth! On a side note, let me mention that I try not to preach about myself and say what I’ve been up to, my inner most thoughts, and all that jazz…but I feel like I had to start somewhere with my return to the blogging world. This IS a music blog and it IS about music and my opinions. The whole time I was in NYC, I was “doing music” (as I like to call it) through my work, the people I met, and events and shows I attended. Music was all around me, constantly. I was soaking it all in. Do not let me forget the amount of inspiring friends I made. My friends have full time jobs and then on the side they’re pursuing what it is they LOVE aka your side hustle. This stood out to me and stuck with me as I traveled back across the U.S. (by car!) to CA. Side hustles include: a non profit organization focused on empowering young women and girls, a hip hop artist on his way up and always InMotion, and a very talented photographer. In August, on our way to the AfroPunk Festival, my friend asked me: What are you doing for yourself, while working at SOB’s? The question stumped me because I didn’t have an answer and also didn’t know what he was talking about. I thought about that question a lot afterwards. And it’s still sticking out in my mind. It’s possible. It’s done all the time. I’m now doing it. It’s something I’m constantly working into my thoughts, ideas and aspirations for my future now. By the way, that friend is in his 20s, in college and self-employed by his own business – I Love Free Concerts. Talk about inspiration, right? Thanks, Matt. Thanks to all my friends, too – you’ve all inspired me! As an ode to my friends (near and far), my family, NYC, this blog and most importantly, to myself – I’m Bizzack!