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We In The Cadillac Floating Like The Ocean, Suddenly Everything Was Movin In Slow Motion


ImageWe In The Cadillac Floating Like The Ocean/Suddenly Everything Was Movin In Slow Motion/So I Take Another Hit/Try To Relax. -Elli Ingram/T-Pain

I got a thang for hip hop songs turned R&B, like this one. This isn’t Elli Ingram’s first rodeo though; anybody know what other song she remixed? If not, feast your eyes (and ears) on this. I didn’t realize it when I first heard it, but Elli’s version of this song is actually a mash up of Chance The Rapper’s “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” and  T-Pain’s “I’m High.” I’ve been liking this song for awhile now, and thought I would share it with you all! P.S. If you like this song or are intrigued by her, head on over to her website to see what else she’s up to!

It Ain’t What Happens To You, It’s What You Do About It


ImageI’ve Had Chauffeured Town Cars To An Old Broken Down Car/It Ain’t What Happens To You/It’s What You Do About It/Cuz We’re Here Today And Gone Tomorrow. -Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc’s most recent album Lift Your Spirit features the hit single, “I’m The Man,” peep the powerful video, here. That song is pretty popular right now. But, while listening to the album, I discovered another good song, “Here Today.” This track has a really great message that is one we sometimes forget – we’re here today and gone tomorrow. Life is unexpected and another day is not really guaranteed. It’s important to think positively about situations and not let the negative things in life get you down. If you feel down, it’s alright to embrace it to a certain extent, it is imperative that you do something about it! Don’t let the negative things consume you for too long! Many of us have been victims, but know that the hardest person to confront is YOU (*hint* for something later)…and you owe it to yourself to confront yourself.



I’m Sorry You Didn’t Know How To Love Me, I’m Sorry I Wasn’t Beautiful To You




I’m Sorry You Didn’t Know How To Love Me/I’m Sorry I Wasn’t Beautiful To You/I’m Sorry You Just Didn’t Understand How To Be My Man/I’m Sorry You Couldn’t Make Me Happy/And I’m So Sorry You Never Learned How. -Teyana Taylor

Actually, I’m not sorry and you shouldn’t be either. Nobody should ever have to apologize for those things. Things could never be great with a person undeserving, unwilling or unable to love you. When somebody doesn’t or can’t see you, things will never be good between the two of you. I’m still a huge fan of this song, even though she’s apologizing for things that we should never apologize for.

The lyrics in this song are so pure and true – many can relate. I love the slow tempo of the song and the tone of her voice on it. It’s a sad and beautiful song about losing love and gaining another.

Listen below:

It’s Just Us Two Midnight Swimming, Been Taking Risks Like We Living From My View




It’s Just Us Two Midnight Swimming/Been Taking Risks Like We Living From My View. -Vanessa Elisha

CHECK.IT.OUT. This is a dope new track from Australian artist, Vanessa Elisha. Head on over to her Soundcloud to hear more tracks. I love the background music on her songs and her voice is on point, as well! I would love the chance to her perform live. Hopefully, sometime soon I can make this happen.

Another track I really like that she’s on is, Waves. Listen and download it here.

Swallow Them Synonyms Like Cinnamon Cinnabon, Keep All Them Sentiments Down To A Minimum



Swallow Them Synonyms Like Cinnamon Cinnabon/Keep All Them Sentiments Down To A Minimum. – Chance The Rapper

Chance.The.Rapper. I had no idea who he was the first time I heard his name. It was June of 2013 and I was working at SOB’s in NYC. A popular radio station, HOT97, was hosting their monthly showcase, “Who’s Next Live” (next one on 4/23) and Chance was the headliner. All I knew about him at the time, was the above flier.

I remember the day the show sold out. I was working the front desk in the office; which also served as the box office. Two German guys walked in asking for tickets and we had literally just sold the last two tickets only minutes before. Regretfully, I told them the show had sold out – I felt bad because it seemed like they had really wanted to see this show. I began thinking…who is this guy, Chance The Rapper and what’s so great about him? Later that day, we decided to add more tickets and my mind immediately went to those two German guys, hoping they would some how be able to purchase their tickets.

Fast forward to the night of the show, I stood in the crowd watching the last opener finish up his set. The crowd began chanting “Chance.” I turned to my right and see him walking through the crowd – unaware as to what I was about to witness. The energy alone that this guy held, blew me away. The set was SO live. This was the first time I had gone to a concert for an artist I had never heard of and without knowing any of the songs – I can honestly say it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Chance didn’t stop moving the whole time he was on stage. I even bumped into the two German guys and told them how happy I was that they could make the show.

From there, my interest in Chance grew rapidly. I went home and downloaded both 10 day and Acid Rap. I researched him thoroughly by watching past interviews, following him on Twitter, reading reviews on his performances and bought the issue of Complex Magazine that he graced the cover of. While in High School he was suspended for 10 days, and during that time, he wrote and recorded his mixtape, 10 day. When rotating music on my iPhone, Acid Rap always stayed. The song “Juice” became my instant favorite, followed by “Everybody’s Something.” Close runner ups include “Cocoa Butter Kisses,” “Favorite Song,” and “Pusha Man.” But really, the whole mixtape is amazing and still, now, I can’t get enough of it.

Fast forward again to, April 14, 2014, I finally got to see Chance for the second time at The Warfield in San Francisco. When I saw Chance at SOB’s, he performed accompanied only by his DJ, DJ Oreo. He now performs with his band, The Social Experiment. I’m sometimes weary of this option, as the songs don’t always have the same umph to them, but have no fear – Chance still kills it. Since he’s a young artist, he draws a younger crowd and leading up to the show I felt like the oldest person in there. But as soon as the music starts and he races onto the stage, nothing even matters anymore. Immediately, the energy pours out of him and onto the crowd as he begins hit after hit after hit. He performs every song except the crowd’s favorite, “Juice.” I had a feeling this would happen, I saw an interview where he said that’s the song he really dislikes performing. When the crowd at The Warfield booed his decision to not play “Juice,” his response: “YouTube it.” I understand his point of view on this, but I still think he should have played it. Artists like Jay-Z, Nas, and Beyonce that have been around for awhile, still play older songs that they know fans love, even though they may not like the song or enjoy playing it anymore. Either way, the show was still great and I’m glad I had the opportunity to see him again, now that I’m actually a fan.

All My Life My Dreams Just Seemed So Far Away, And Now It’s Like They’re Here To Stay



(Click above to be linked to event website.)


All My Life My Dreams Just Seemed So Far Away/And Now It’s Like They’re Here To Stay/I Hold It Close To Me. – Yuna

When I moved back to the Bay Area, after living in NYC, I had this nagging feeling of having to start all over again. Anything I had ever done or been a part of, musically, was all in NYC. I didn’t really think there were very many opportunities in music in the Bay Area. I’ve already dismissed that thought in my mind, though. One of the things about the Bay Area’s music scene that differs from NYC’s that I’ve noticed is that, you have to dig a little deeper and pay a little more attention to find areas of interest here. Whereas in NYC, every other person you meet is in music or has a connection to somebody who has a connection and so on. Hard work, determination and focus are some of the things that lead to success. All my life my dreams used to seem so far away and now they finally feel like they are in my reach.

I first found out about the SF MusicTech Summit through a promotional email from Fusicology. Fusicology is an event listing site for progressive soul, hip hop, house, and jazz for the top U.S. markets. I was so excited to find out about the event, because it would be chance for me to meet and network with individuals in the industry, in the Bay Area. No doubt, it will be a great opportunity for me to be a part of this amazing event.

I absolutely can not wait for the event. I will be working the registration desk – so come say hi to me if you would like to meet and connect with me. The event is on Tuesday, May 20th at the Hotel Kabuki in SF. Tickets are still available. Click the above banner to be directly linked to the SF MusicTech Summit website for complete information on the event.

I Was The One You Were Born To Seek, And I’m Still Here



I Was The One You Were Born To Seek/And I’m Still Here. – Jill Scott

Do you remember me? What a beautiful track by Ms. Jill Scott. Sometimes I find myself listening to music and then grabbing my pad and paper and jotting down a lyric that sticks out to me. That’s what happened on this track. No matter how many times I’ve heard a song, I always hear something new and fresh with each listen of a track. That’s an amazing feature of music. Or maybe, with each new listen, paired with our constant new experiences in life – we can connect to songs that we previously weren’t able to connect. I know that for my own life, I love to make connections. Music allows us to connect with people based purely on our experiences.

So what connection did I make with this lyric? I remember being burned by love, one too many times. I remember my mother telling me, “somewhere, there is somebody feeling the exact same way as you. And he is looking for you.” I remember feeling hopeful after that. I remember giving up on love. I remember thinking that love, the really pure kind, didn’t exist. And then, love found me. A love from myself. A love from my power. A love from my experiences. A love from you.

Music Can Be Such A Revelation, Dancing Around You Feel A Sweet Sensation


Music Can Be Such A Revelation/Dancing Around You Feel A Sweet Sensation. -Madonna

Had to take it back one time! Get into the groove…today. My groove is a work groove – but hey, gotta get to it, to get through it. Good luck with whatever you’ve got on your plate today from work, to school, to love, to friendships, to family. Listening to this song will help you get into the mood to tackle whatever it is!

See, I Like The Person That You Are, But I’m In Love With The Person You Have Potential To Be



And Your Productivity Is The Reason I Interest, Ambitious Girl/See, I Like The Person That You Are/But I’m In Love With The Person You Have Potential To Be/And All Your Dreams Sharing With Me -Wale

Wale is one of my favorite artists. A lot of people say he fell off once he signed with MMG and became Rick Ross’ front man. I can’t help that I like him. In 2011, I saw him live at the Mezzanine in SF – right before he put out his album “Ambition.” Some of my favorites of his include, “Bait,” – there’s so much energy in that song; “The Break Up Song” – I love the snippets from Seinfeld (this track is off of his mixtape, “More About Nothing” the follow up from “The Mixtape About Nothing” featuring the Seinfeld samples…) “Chain Music,” and “Illest B****.” 

As of late, I’ve been feeling the song “Ambitious Girl,” which is an ode to the woman who is chasing her dreams. The song has a slow tempo, a light melody and he’s performing it in the spoken word style. A lot of my friends are balancing their dreams with current reality. I’ve been feeling a good energy about the future and reaching my own goals. I can’t wait until my dreams start becoming my reality. What songs motivate you?