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Honestly Gotta Ask Myself, Time And Time What I’m Working For, Is It Worth It Though?


if there's a hell

Honestly Gotta Ask Myself/Time And Time What I’m Working For/Is It Worth It, Though? -Black Milk

When I saw Black Milk live for the first time last fall at Santos Party House in NYC, I had never heard of the Detroit rapper before. My friend dragged me out (shout out to Andre) that night andĀ I contemplated leaving before Black Milk even hit the stage – due to sitting through some terrible opening acts. After enduring that, as soon as Black Milk and his band Nat Turner hit the stage…I was completely blown away. I had never seen so much talent together on one small stage. His drummer was absolutely amazing. There’s something wonderful about a live band backing a hip hop artist. The beats hit that much harder especially over some dope flows – which Black Milk had no trouble producing for the crowd.

Since then I’ve definitely become a new fan of his music. He recently released a new album If There’s A Hell Below and I’ve been listening to it on a regular basis. Don’t sleep on Black Milk, ya’ll! Below are some visualsĀ for his single “What It’s Worth,” from the new album.